The Guild of Science and Arts began in the fall of 1999, as a loosely organized group of “expatriate’ members of several other guilds. Tired of dictatorships within guild structures, we started our guild as a group of committees, each empowered with an event coordinator to set up different events, with an acting Guild master for the purpose of legitimacy within Renaissance Faire circles. We currently have a Guild master and two Vice Guild masters to take care of leadership within the guild and be responsible for the actions of the guild. Our patron saint is Saint Ambrose, the patron saint of “learning” and “lost causes”. We are also known as the “…merry band of dysfunctionals”. We put the “fun” in dysfunctional!

Our guild has several “gigs” which we perform to teach and entertain the public. Primarily we teach about the games of the period with a gaming area open to the public for everyone to enjoy. We also perform demonstrations on the history and use of a functional trebuchet (catapult). We have several street gigs to entertain and inform which change from year to year, depending on availability of performers.

As our name allows, we accept all performers into our guild that will live up to our goals to teach and entertain the public while having fun. We are always seeking like-minded individuals that would like to perform as specific characters from history; especially if they represent the fields of science and arts (we have a very liberal interpretation of which characters fit our guild).

“Mysterium tremendum et fascinans”